Tattooed domestic deities

Of every configuration of family that you can imagine

Are thorny and beautiful here, like the wide field of roses

A dozen little neighborhoods branch from the artery

Where healing crystals, artisanal victuals and homebrewed beer

Sit in a stew of neighborhood watering holes and dusty vintage storefronts

That serve up charming old books, fountain pens and tuna noodle casserole

There are unwalkable miles

Where abandoned shopping carts kiss telephone poles

And the drycleaner cheers you with self-help wisdom

Instructing you to “Make others feel important”

On your way to get an oil change, adopt a rescued bunny

Or sit and feast at a fast food restaurant table

<<<University District/Old North ColumbusWorthington>>>

Poem ©Tracy Zollinger Turner, 2014.
These pieces were originally used to narrate the photography
exhibit 25 on High in Columbus, Ohio’s Urban Art Space.