Convention Center/Short North

Convention Center/Short North

The reclining behemoth pastel lover of the downtown skyline

Welcomes you to Flytown

Where wood and masonry once sailed through the air

Landing as Irish Broadway homes

This was bohemia

Where art goblins told ribald jokes in certain basements

And gay coffee slingers gossiped about you to your face

You can still find it in the form of tone-deaf buskers, coarse sex shops, gritty entrepreneurs, porcelain figurines of bowling nuns

And eccentric teenagers in furry animal costumes, smoking under the arches

Where did all of this glass come from

That reflects the upscale gallery and boutique patrons in $200 jeans

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Poem ©Tracy Zollinger Turner, 2014.
These pieces were originally used to narrate the photography
exhibit 25 on High in Columbus, Ohio’s Urban Art Space.